About Mimi Ozawa

Mimi Ozawa, Artist


“My desire is to be filled with the passion and Hawaiian spirit that resonate in the islands so I can bring that energy into my work allowing the viewer to feel the presence of Aloha.”

—Mimi Ozawa, Artist


Mimi Ozawa is passionate about art. She first immersed herself in the art world as an Art Consultant in Honolulu over 25 years ago. She represented acclaimed artists such as Pino, Rino Gonzalez and Roy Tabora whose talent she admired and gave her inspiration to paint. Excited about becoming an artist, Mimi began taking classes in fine art to master the disciplines of painting. She was fascinated with figurative drawing and began to focus her attention on the human form along with capturing the colorful landscapes of the islands.

Mimi’s association with Tabora and Gonzalez would allow her the unique opportunity to spend time at the easel with them. She looked forward to their commentary as they graciously offered encouragement and advice which helped to elevate her skills to a professional level.

In 2018 the Tabora Gallery was excited to represent her art in the gallery with great acclaim from the collectors. She specializes in portraits, local scenery, and can paint you into your own Hawaiian landscape.