Stephen Harlan

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About Stephen Harlan


In a world moving quickly into the future, Stephen Harlan has established his own unique style of digital artwork. Harlan does not work from photos, each piece of art in his collection is “visioned” and shaped in Stephen’s mind, then meticulously rendered with an eye to “color and contrast” to create a magical mood – suspended in time…in space…and in the imagination.

Born in rural Minnesota, Harlan relocated with his family to Florida when he was in grade school, which inspired his love of the water having spent many days sailing into the sunset on his catamaran.

Investigating the uniqueness of harbors and sunsets became a passion and his nautical focus continues to grow deeper every day, with the never-ending inspiration that comes from carefully observing the sea and the water in all of their contrasts.

Harlan is best known for his bright and bold artwork and his dramatic reflections and shadows. His paintings powerfully draw the viewer into a breathtaking scene, most often, along the coastal waters. Having traveled and lived in many beautiful locations, Harlan has a lifetime of vivid memories from which to drawn on as he create each unique painting.

Stephen Harlan, Artist


“Masters of the past and artists of the present use techniques to create images that please, relax and inspire us in a very personal and unique way. Sharing our souls and our minds through the arts and imagery is alive in many media.”

—Stephen Harlan, Artist