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Elizabeth by Nano Lopez


“My intention is to share the beauty and richness of the world. To offer a piece which possesses a soul of its own. With all of my works, what gives soul to a pieces is all that happens during the process of creating it.”

—Nano Lopez, Artist


Nano Lopez is an artist gifted with the rare ability to see the world as a child sees it, with exploration, wonder, and creativity.

Nano’s sculptures, known as “Nanimals”, feature the bright colors of a Colombian market place, animals precariously laden with pots, fruits, bees, Pre-Columbian and contemporary artifacts. Look closer still and discover a deep respect for life, clearly observed, where everything, even a mischievous goat balanced on a pile of cast away tires is amazing.

In his artistic process, Nano integrates organic textures and synthetic, human made objects into his bronzes to create pieces of art that reflect the same depth and richness he sees in the world around him.

Originally from Columbia, Nano’s work describes a world beyond the borders of ordinary maps where an unfettered imagination allows nature, science, folklore and modern industrialism to exist seamlessly together. His work invites us to look at the world more carefully and discover for ourselves the rich interconnections of life.