About Steve Barton

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“I enjoy getting lost in the serenity of the setting sun and the shadows they cast. I want to create the ultimate escape from the day to day and have the viewer envisioning themselves in the scene so that they can unplug from their lives and make time stand still.”

—Steve Barton, Artist


Each of Barton’s paintings captures more than just the viewer’s gaze. They are times remembered and days to come; they stop time and soften your heart; they draw you in and say, “Come, sit, relax…” The sunny climate of Southern California where Steve lives and the coastal setting surrounding his home reflects his bright and lively perspective and encourages his focus on color and color and beauty.

Originally from New Hampshire, Barton’s success as an artist began early. His mother, an oil painter herself, inspired and encouraged Steve to paint, and at just 8 years old, Steve picked up a paint brush for the first time, never imagining that it would lead to the creation of the Wavy. Steve’s signature Wavy style gives his work a unique look while offering a three-dimension, sculptural quality to the art.

Steve loves to spend spare moments combing areas for inspiration and though the subjects of his paintings vary, the casual elegance is consistent. Each painting Barton does reveals something about his casual, engaging personality- he is extremely enthusiastic about being a painter.

New Limited Editions

Video 4:00 – New Limited Editions – Artist Steve Barton