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Yuri Everson


“I’ve always marveled at the odd beauty of what lived below the ocean, the creatures fascinated me and provided inspiration for the scary creatures that were yet to come.”

—Yuri Everson, Artist


Yuri Everson’s journey began in the bayside town of Tuckerton, New Jersey, where his childhood spent aboard his grandfather’s boat ignited his passion for aquatic life. Relocating to Hollywood in 1988, Yuri redirected his focus to crafting movie monsters for Sci-Fi and Horror films. With over 35 years of experience and a portfolio spanning more than 130 motion pictures, including iconic franchises like ‘The Alien Franchise,’ ‘The Predator Franchise,’ and ‘The Santa Clause Franchise,’ Yuri Everson is a master of his craft.

Yuri’s work has taken him across the globe, from the sets of ‘Castaway’ in Fiji to various locations in the Caribbean and the Vancouver Islands, but it’s Hawai’i that holds his dearest memories. Yuri’s newest body of work seamlessly blends his love for Hawai’i and marine life with his mastery of Special Effects, resulting in a breathtaking collection of sculptures aimed at inspiring environmental consciousness and awe for the unexplored. A dedicated perfectionist, Yuri’s meticulous attention to detail ensures a standard of excellence that leaves audiences spellbound.

Yuri’s creations have graced the screens of Animal Planet’s popular TV show ‘Tanked’ and garnered acclaim from numerous celebrities. Currently residing in Southern California with his wife and two children, Yuri Everson continues to push the boundaries of artistry and environmental advocacy through his visionary works.