About Michael Provenza

Photo of Michael Provenza, Artist


“My paintings are an exploration of a world that comes from my imagination, with pieces of reality sprinkled in. My hope is to give the viewer the feeling of walking into an environment that is happy and peaceful, and full of enchantment and color. They have the freedom to explore it and make it their own. Just follow the path.”

—Michael Provenza, Artist

Realistic Surrealism.

Michael Provenza has a totally original perception of nature and landscape. Provenza’s oil paintings reveal a successful blend of the old with the new – merging a realistic and remarkable dimensional quality with a surreal and magical environment – in a truly distinctive pointillistic style.

“Viewers of my work say they feel as if they can walk right into my paintings – they want to be there” said Provenza.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Provenza has lived, worked, studied, taught, and painted for more than 30 years. Inspired by his artist grandfather, Provenza began drawing and painting at age nine, pursued art academically holding a Fine Art college degree and continues to professionally create oil paintings as his life-long passion. Provenza has become a highly recognized and collectible artist both nationally and internationally.

All of Provenza’s work invites you in to experience Life’s Journey – with a twist.