Evan Schauss

About Evan Schauss

Evan Schauss


“The medium’s greatest moment is achieved when you can respect and listen to the glass as it comes alive and forms into a delicate treasure.”

—Evan Schauss, Artist


Evan Schauss glassblowing in 1998 at the age of 12 in Tacoma, Washington at Chihuly’s Hilltop Artist school. Through a program connecting young people to better futures using glass art, Evan was able to nurture his talent and learn the intricacies of building and running a Hot Shop. His passion for glass led him to travel the world working with top masters as Pino Signoretto, Lino Tagliapeitra, Martin Blank and Dale Chihuly.

Evan built his first Hot Shop in 2004 and then invented the energy efficient “Hot Glass Shop in a box”, making mobile glass blowing possible. His innovative design and expertise in the field made him one of the most coveted persons in the glass art community.

In 2007 an offer to assist in glassblowing and Hot Shop design led Evan to Maui and in 2011 he began to call it his home. A few years later Evan began to illustrate his dedication to nurturing the positive and artist capacities of others through the donation of a all-in-one Hot Shop to the Hui Noe’au Visual Arts Center. Additional community art programs have also allowed Evan to give at risk youth an opportunity to discover art, inspiration, skill and confidence through the limitless universe of handblown glass sculpture.

With over 23 years of experience, Evan’s passion for innovation and design is the driving force behind his creativity. Working from his studio in Haiku, Evan continues to explore the meaning and expression of art through glassblowing and sculpting.