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Norm Daniels, Artist

Norm Daniels was born and raised in San Diego, California. As a third generation San Diegan, he took to all manner of water sports at an early age but settled with surfing in the early seventies. But it was drawing that held his attention most of all. His father, a very good cartoonist taught him how to draw “toons” and as early as he can recall he was scribbling on any scrap of paper he could commandeer. Inspired by the artists Dr. Seuss and Rick Griffin, the leading designer of psychedelic posters in the 1960s and surf art cartoonist, Norm believed everything was possible in toons. In college, Norm found that the study of Architecture was a fitting outlet for his passion to draw, which lead him to a career designing houses in the greater San Diego area. Then in 1989 Norm moved his family to the High Sierra near the town of Hume Lake where he took a position as Graphic Designer and Architect for Hume Lake Christian Camps.

In early 1990 while designing commercial graphics Norm found inspiration in the illustrations of Dean Cornwell and thought he would try oil painting. Norm then studied oil painting taught by the master “plein air” artist Ken Auster of Laguna Beach. With a few rules of application and a life of design composition behind him, Norm proceeded to paint as much and as often as possible. Though mostly self-taught, Norm is keenly aware of the inspiration he found in classes with Ken Auster and his relentless study of other impressionist artists. Inspired by his love of plein air and surfer toons Norm developed his own unique style of painting. Norm says sometimes the paint just seems to flow out of his soul and onto the canvas which is reflected in his composition of incredible bold brush strokes and dramatic color pallets and a little “hang 10”.