About Heather Anders

Mimi Ozawa, Artist
“I find joy in bringing together vibrant tropical colors and traditional Hawaiian motifs to create a dreamy island style.”

—Heather Anders, Artist


An artist since the age of 5, Heather Anders sees the world through her art. Her choices of vibrant colors and whimsical images are always peaceful, dreamy, bright and brilliantly cheerful, human characteristics which are dear to her heart and this is what she shares.

Creating from her imagination, Heather’s designs employ Hawaiian earth tones painted in acrylic and India inks. She incorporates tribal tattoo motifs, creative Polynesian Tapa designs, draped around hand drawn petroglyphs and Hawaiian honu. The finished works represent collective memories of Hawaiian life and experiences, mementos to be shared by all. This is Heather’s way of perpetuating the spirit of Aloha.