Joseph Quillan

About Joseph Quillan

Joseph Quillan, Artist


“I have traveled the world collecting inspiration and imagery to collaborate with my unique vision so that I can craft one-of-a-kind individual works that create a viewing experience that ignite the viewer’s senses.”

—Joseph Quillan, Artist


Tending to the matters of the heart, watching sea turtles roll and bob in the waves, hours spent sitting on a beach taking in their struggle, one push, then another, until they rest on their sandy shore. “I found what I love, and for the last forty years, feel honored to share my sea turtles with you.”

Joseph Quillan’s love of our oceans has been his inspiration, his love of sea turtles, his dedication. His hands create poetry in bronze, intricately capturing the struggle of baby hatchlings finding safety in the sea, the fight mother sea turtles endure as they wait for the night.

As the sculptor of the most prestigious award in sea turtle research, Joseph has captured the spirit of sea turtles through his hand sculpted, hand cast, award winning bronzes. Peers have called his sculpture, “the foundation of marine life art”. And though collected by conservationists, royalty and celebrities, Joseph still sees himself as that kid who sits for hours on that beach, honored to share it with his sea turtles.