About Chuck Joseph

Chuck Joseph, Artist


Chuck Joseph had a passion for art as long as he could remember. Growing up in Huntington Beach, California, Chuck was fascinated by sketching people, costal scenes and his father’s work. He would spend countless hours watching his father, a gifted craftsman, sculpt both fine art and furniture. Chuck was fascinated with the intricate carving techniques, precision and movement of the medium his father illustrated, which inspired him to work with palette knives too. Chuck chose to teach himself the techniques involved in his craft rather than taking the more traditional classroom approach to studying art. He enjoyed the process of discovery in all areas from mixing paints to understanding color and developing his own unique style.

In 2008 Chuck broke into the Laguna Beach art scene with great success. He immediately gained the attention of collectors with his signature style of using the palette knife to create sculpted strokes and flow in his art. Inspired by his surroundings, personal experiences and the eccentric style of Salvador Dali, Chuck’s work had a familiarity that viewers could identify with while his execution was distinct and a little unconventional. Continuing to impress collectors, Chuck strives to create art that is unique, interesting and beautiful.