About Pepe

Norm Daniels, Artist


“I have been painting Hawaiian landscapes my entire life but I always felt like something was missing. Then I found my muse (my wife Amy) and everything made sense. Now she is the focal point that makes everything work.”

—Pepe, Artist


Pepe’s art is known for rich colors, glowing warmth and a Zen-like peace that offer a glimpse into the elusive hidden spirit of Hawaii.

Born in 1975, Pepe has called Kauai home since the age of two when his free-spirited parents moved to the beautiful garden island. His mother, a Hawaii public school teacher and his father an architect were both artists and encouraged Pepe’s creativity. As a child his passion for art and nature were evident as he constantly created works expressing his love for his island playground. Pepe’s days were spent climbing mango trees, fishing, surfing, sailing and exploring the lush jungle. To Pepe it seemed only natural to express his feelings through art.

Pepe studied anatomical figure drawing and landscape painting at UC Boulder. He started with a strict discipline of working in black and white mediums, only introducing color after years of studying the monochromatic value of light. He experimented with many different mediums, but finally fell in love with oil paint which allowed him to capture the vibrant colors, and the radiant light unique to the islands.

Pepe’s relationship with Kauai offered him a rare view of the Hawaiian culture from within. He strives to paint the fleeting moments, the flashes of tropical sunlight and those scenes that embody the love that the people of Hawaii have for their islands.