About Ernest Young

Ernest Young


“All of God’s creation inspires me but there is something special about the ocean, it is a different world of wonder, a peaceful, surreal, majestic place that is filled with endless inspiration. It is truly a “Honu” world.”

—Ernest Young, Artist


Ernest Young’s longtime residency on the Big Island has fostered a profound bond with the ocean. His mastery of vivid colors, seamless blending, and meticulous attention to detail allows him to vividly capture the wonders beneath the surface, reflecting his deep passion for the underwater world.

Ernest began sketching around the age of nine, naturally developing his artistic abilities. He would spend hours immersed in drawing and sketching, and his passion for art first took form in the culinary world, where he pursued cooking as a career. While he enjoyed the culinary process, his true artistic outlet was in the “plating” of dishes, where he could express his creativity.

In his late twenties, Ernest began a mentorship with renowned Hawai’i artist Robert Thomas, who enthusiastically shared his techniques and insights. Ernest quickly excelled, advancing at a pace unmatched by any of Robert’s previous students. After about a year of mentoring, Robert offered to display Ernest’s work in his gallery and it was met with great acclaim, prompting Ernest to leave his position as a sous chef to focus entirely on his career as a professional artist.

Ernest’s work has been admired and collected by patrons around the world. He feels humbled by the recognition he receives and attributes his artistic talent as a gift from God. Setting himself apart from other artists, a notable feature of Ernest’s work is his technique of hiding the Hawaiian Island chain within each painting. This intriguing element delights collectors and presents newcomers with the engaging task of uncovering the concealed islands. His collectors appreciate this subtle detail, while newcomers relish the opportunity to explore and find the hidden islands.