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David Wight, Artist


“I came upon a waterfall, a hundred feet high, descending through the forest, ferns, and cliffs. Mesmerized, I watched how the water began to gather in the river above and break apart into segments as it fell. As I walked away, the sound fading, my mind and body felt relaxed with a calm I had never experienced before.”

—David Wight, Artist


An open house for a glass shop caught the attention of David Wight. He couldn’t take his eyes off the glass and immediately fell in love with the amorphous solid at two thousand molten degrees and the way it flowed, like water.

Water had been the source of David’s most profound life experiences and that day by the waterfall he found his inspiration. It was only after his experience at the glass house that he knew, glass was the only material with the power to capture the movement of water.

David studied at the Pilchuck School and began making fountains in an attempt to capture the moving water. He continued to explore design ideas longing for a solid sculpture that embodied the essence and movement of water not just a vessel. David began to utilize ancient Italian tools along with tools he created to achieve the style of glass-work he envisioned.

David strives to freeze a moment, capture the beauty, grace and power of water in its most dynamic form: The Wave.

David Wight Glass Art

Video 6:01 – David Wight Glass Art