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Ronaldo Macedo

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Ronaldo Macedo


“Like life, my painting is always evolving and changing. Inspired by nature, I am blessed to live in a paradise that allows me the freedom to explore and capture a moment in time.”


A Brazilian native, Ronaldo Macedo was born in Rio de Janeiro. Ronaldo’s parents recognized his talents at an early age and were the most motivating force besides Ronaldo’s own early passion for observing and drawing. Moving to California as a teenager in 1981, Ronaldo was amazed by all the different opportunities to focus on Art as a career and began to pursue freelance design jobs and earned a degree in illustration from Cal State Long Beach. Soon after graduating, it was a surf trip to Maui in 1989 where Macedo met his future wife and found an art scene that would turn into a Fine Art career and home for the last 30 years.

A surfer, sailor, and fisherman, this adventurous artist is mostly drawn to paint where land meets the water, and finds inspiration in his outdoor activities. Painting on location “en plein air” has always been Macedo’s artistic preference and is the founder of the Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational. Ronaldo explains that direct observation delivers the information he needs to create and interpret the light and shapes he sees, while plein air painting evokes unique passion and spontaneity. However, he does not dismiss the value and daily discipline of painting in the studio, which is utilized to create the larger works.

Ronaldo credits his peers for his progress and evolution in his art. His subjects such as harbor scenes, pristine beaches and plantation houses, stirs our spirit with the beauty he portrays. One only has to gaze upon his work to fully experience and appreciate his passion for life, family, and of course, the beautiful landscapes and beaches of Hawaii featured prominently in his collections.