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About Karen Whitworth

Karen Whitworth, Artist


“I want the passion I put into my art to pour out of the painting into the viewers’ soul in a way that makes no tangible or logical sense.”

—Karen Whitworth, Artist


Karen Whitworth is a painter striving to capture the world with sensitivity and passion. Raised in Alaska, the raw and incredible beauty of the rugged land created in her a passion to document the world that surrounded her. From wildlife and wildflowers, to towering mountain landscapes, Whitworth pursued the scenes that embodied her home. Though young, she pursued her craft with great persistence and began to develop a recognizable style and portfolio.

After 20 years in Alaska and painting all things wild, in 2013 Karen and her family embarked on a new adventure. Now

residing in the Pacific Northwest, Karen has begun a new chapter in her career, exploring the possibilities of light, reflection and shadows with delicate sensitivity that connects the viewer to the subject on a personal level. Whether painting a landscape en plein air or a still life in her studio, a common thread of vibrantly illuminated subjects tie her work together beautifully. It is this light that has inspired her recent works and those to come.